MISCION is a full service, multi-channel strategic marketing and growth agency offering 360 outsourced support for clients in Europe, the USA and the UK.
Based in Douglas, Isle of Man since 2018, MISCION provides tangible,
proven and measurable support, right across both digital and traditional
media channels and to client partner business from serious startups and
SMEs, through to large Corporations and Multinational businesses.
In short, we help clients large and small, from any industry, with all
aspects of marketing, using proven processes and guaranteed results to
reach and exceed your business and marketing goals.

In the first instance, it's FREE to talk and explore what can be done.
Collaboration is the foundation of success in strategic marketing partnerships , opportunities and achieve greater growth than we ever could alone.
Neil Armstrong


Whatever your requirement, we have an expert team waiting to support your marketing

Working within your existing plan or after co-creating a robust marketing strategy, we
roll-out the marketing plan, putting in experienced processes and resources to support

Projects and campaigns can be customized and delivered anywhere in the World, from
specific targeted communications to fully supported outsourced marketing departments,
with a dedicated highly experienced outsourced marketing director or Non-Executive
Director leading the way.


Our market research capabilities are expert and far reaching. Be it marketplace
information, competitor analysis, data crushing insights or building sales funnels; we
have operational resource teams standing by to support or lead intelligence gathering
projects that can then be used as a basis for strategic planning, campaign targeting or to
provide customer insights.

Business and Market Intelligence is the key to structuring robust plans and agile
businesses. We can help you dive deep into your potential and to locate opportunity.
Marketing intelligence and strategic partnerships can revolutionise growth, unlocking hidden insights and driving unparalleled success.
Santosh Kumar


Without knowing where we are and where we need to go, we can never reach our
destination. Applying strategic planning methodology to any business will give it
direction, a sense of what it can be achieved and a common purpose to onward plans
that all stakeholders can buy into.

We can help you develop winning marketing strategies that then interface with your
overall business plan, sales plans and operational blueprints, to create bulletproof
business that can reach for better, achieve growth and meet its objectives, by removing
risk and replacing it with certainty.


Originating and formulating winning content that can communicate in a memorable way
to your target audience is a key component in building and explaining brand recognition,
fostering understanding of products and services and creating brand knowledge and

Our editorial team creates new and original content every day for our clients and for
a range of B2B and B2C publications that we contribute to. Our expert writers create
original copy that works with the technical aspects of online and social media channels
to produce campaigns and information that meets the brief every time.

We also build new physical and online publications around our clients to promote them
as knowledge leaders and best in class in their industries.
Strategic alignment of content, message, and medium in marketing partnerships creates powerful stories that drive impactful results.
Santosh Kumar


Our specialist Brand Development team creates winning brands for clients all over the
World. They also develop and improve aspects of existing brand identities to create
better outcomes from campaigns. The more that your brand can say about you and
positively establish in your marketplace, the more revenue will be generated and the
more value created to your brand equity.

Building bigger businesses is all about brand and identity. Visuals, imagery,
communication style, tone of voice and most of all consistency, makes for successful
businesses that grow and attract their desired outcomes.


Our specialist online teams provide all aspects of digital marketing, website development
and social media management, keeping your brand at the leading edge of your market.

Like all of our specialist and professional services, our online offering can be accessed
on a campaign or project by project basis or as an end to end outsourced digital
marketing department; growing your reach, growing your opportunities and growing your
revenue, all for affordable monthly or project costs.

Some of our leaders in this space have been working online since 1988 and have
been involved in creating and developing social networks, so you can now be sure
that, whatever your online needs, from SEO that delivers to meaningful social media
campaigns, you are talking to the right people.
Strategic partnerships, collaboration, and technology are unbeatable for exceptional brand exposure, redefining brand identity, creating memorable experiences, and fostering long-term loyalty.
Neil Armstrong


The final piece of the jigsaw comes under the banner of Networking. We organise and manage Business to Business, face to face networking events all over the UK, online multi-channel happenings right around the globe and access to networks that deliver direct opportunity, whatever your contact needs or requirements.

We also run a number of award events, B2B exhibitions and Live online expo’s, where you can do more business in a day than you could otherwise do in a year.


For a no obligation chat or to set-up an initial FREE strategic scoping session, email us at give us a call on any of our contact numbers.